FAQ Wine

  • How do I enter the #MyLandmark Photo Contest?

  • Will you share my contact information?

  • How do I log in to my account online?

  • Do you accept returns?

  • Does Landmark ship wine?

  • How can I locate Landmark wines in my area?


  • I’d like to order wine for the holidays. When should I place my order so that it arrives for the holidays?

  • How can I obtain more info on Landmark wines? (Tasting notes, labels, brochures, etc.)

  • Are the grapes in Landmark wines grown on property?

  • When was Landmark founded?


  • Tasting Room hours

  • How much is a tasting?

  • Winery Tour and Tasting

  • Group Policy


  • What is your pet policy?

  • How do I plan a visit?

  • Where is Landmark located?